Wednesday, June 29, 2011

World's Greatest Roasted Salsa

try not to drool on your keyboard.
Not even kidding.  I wish like crazy that I had invented this recipe, but alas, I did not.  I found the recipe  here at One Particular Kitchen.  She (and apparently the cousin) are geniuses.  I have made two gigantic batches in the last two weeks, and it gets raves - and is promptly devoured.

 A few things:  

I make it with about half the recommended serrano chiles.  It is spicy, but not blow-your-head-off spicy.

I roast my garlic nearly whole - take a garlic head, cut off the pointy part so the cloves are exposed, wrap it in tinfoil, and roast with everything else.  Then just squeeze or spoon out the cloves. 

It would be fun to roast some red peppers to add too - next batch.

If you don't like cilantro, seriously reduce it.  I happen to freaking LOVE cilantro, so I add a ton.

Some people add lime juice.

Did I mention this is FAST?  Minimal cutting, then just wait about 40 minutes for everything to roast (go make a margarita!), then blend it up!  And by the way, it is most delicious while still hot.

This salsa is so good, I found myself actually considering eating only it for lunch - so I added chips and called it good.  And barely remembered to take pictures before it was gone..

Make it, and tell me what you do to change it up!


  1. Oh what a great post! I'm so glad you liked! My cousin IS a genius, it's true. Mind if I share this on the OPK facebook page?

  2. Of course you can share! And seriously - I can't stop eating it. I got nervous this morning when I realized there was only a small bowl left - and made a special trip to the store so I can make more.

    My girlfriend made it, and actually got a marriage proposal out of the deal! (her husband turned the guy down for her :)

  3. Hahahaha! That is AWESOME. When my cousin and I made it we just stood over the bowl in the kitchen for a good half an hour. Couldn't stop eating it and didn't even try. I think I'll make some this weekend!