A Few Things About Me

I love teal.  Like seriously LOVE it.  I have plans to incorporate teal into every room in my house.

I make things.  Lots of things.  Random things.  Different things.  You'll get to see a lot of those things here.  After all, that is why we are here.  I'll most likely tell you how to make it yourself, if you are so inclined.

I rarely have an original idea.  I do tend to change up ideas I find to suit myself.  If something I make has a good tutorial found out there on the internet, I will link to it.  If not, I may make up my own.

I have two kids and a wonderful husband I've been married to for nearly a decade.

I prefer to surround myself with people who inspire me.

I am a bellydancer.

I believe in hard work and miracles.

I get distracted by sparkly things.

I love comments and email - show me some love.