Friday, November 2, 2012

Luggage Buddy

This is the original prototype
My husband travels extensively with work, and was lamenting about his black on black on black suitcase, and how it looks just like everyone else's black on black on black suitcase. Then he said something brilliant: "I wish it had some sort of bright cover over this handle or something so I could spot it quickly." Done and done! Here's how to make your own:
  •  · Scraps of fabric (2) at least 5x5 inches, one scrap at least 3x5 inches
  • · 4 inches of sew-in Velcro (both sides)
  • · Thread to match or contrast
  • · About five minutes of time (okay, maybe 15 - 30 if you happen to be taking pictures of every step)
The one I made for my husband is black and white skull fabric trimmed with orange - this one with the flames was for a buddy of his.
The photos below are for one I made for the gift stash.
gift stash...or for me?
Cut your back fabric into a 5x5 inch square, and two 1.5x5 inch rectangles.
the yellow is the back and sides - adjust the widths if you want more side border
Cut your front fabric into a 4x5 inch rectangle.
Sew the skinny strips of your back fabric to the front fabric, right sides together. Press. Cut your newly sewn square into a true 5x5 inch square.
I use a 1/2" seam allowance on most everything
ironing directly on my granite countertop?  why yes I am.
cut back down to a 5 inch square if needed
Place right sides together, sew around the outside edge, leaving a gap in one side for turning. Clip your corners, if you choose (it will create less bulk, but is unnecessary). Turn right side out. Press.
placing right sides together
see the gap?
clipped corners - don't get too close to the seam!
I like to use a chopstick to push the corners out.
Starting just above the opening left for turning, topstitch the entire square 1/8" from the edge.
super close to the edge
edges are sealed
I also sew a few times through the middle for strength, but this is probably unnecessary.
see the topstitching?
Place your Velcro. I like to have the scratchy (hook) side on the backside, so it will always be covered on the inside. Stitch the Velcro down. Turn your work over, and place the soft (loop) side of Velcro. Stitch it down.
I like the scratchy one to be on the backside so it stays hidden.
sew close to the velcro edges
repeat with the soft side on the front edge
see the hook on the back?  the soft loop side on the front
finished and closed!
finished in action...
Now go put it on your suitcase! But beware – my husband was so excited, he posted a picture on Facebook and three of his friends immediately wanted one for themselves. I have since made for them, as well as my mother and godmother. Make a bunch and keep them on hand for last-minute gift ideas!
This is a picture of the one I made for my husband's friend - after 250k miles!

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