Saturday, July 2, 2011

Iced Coffee Perfection

Let's talk coffee.  And while with some of you this may conjure images of "Coffee Talk with Linda Richmond" from SNL days gone by (I'm feeling a little verklempt- talk amongst yourselves...the Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy nor Roman nor an Empire...discuss.) But let's be serious.

It is summer.  Coffee is delicious.  Iced coffee in summer is divine.  And then I found the Pioneer Woman...and she truly does have the Perfect Iced Coffee.  I HAD to have it as soon as I saw the picture.  But patience, my child.  Good things do indeed come to those who wait, and well, waiting on cold-brewed coffee is SO incredibly worth it.

Cold brewed, you say?  Why yes I do.  And I wish I had discovered this amazing thing years ago!  There are a million reasons to cold brew coffee, and if you want them all, google them.  But if you want mine, read on, my friend.  Simply put, cold brewing creates a wonderful low acid, not bitter coffee concentrate (yes, concentrate) that lends itself by its very nature to iced coffee.

Using Pioneer Woman's general idea, and after reading her reader comments, I decided I had what it takes to cold brew my own coffee.  I'm betting you have it too.  Here's my adapted recipe:

Cold Brewed Coffee

3/4 cup ground coffee
4 cups tepid to cold water
container (I use a Nalgene bottle)

Put the coffee in the container, add the water, and seal the lid.  Set it on the counter and wait patiently for at least 8 hours (I've been known to forget about it for up to a day and a half).  Overnight works well. 

Strain it.  I use a mesh strainer lined with a coffee filter (since I have so many left over from making flowers!)  I strain it into my pyrex 4 cup measuring cup, since it has a handle and little pour spout, and holds just the right amount.  It can take up to an hour to get all the brewed coffee separated from the ground dregs.  Trust me, it is worth it.

Pour the strained coffee into another container (I use another Nalgene bottle) and stick it in the fridge until it gets nice and cold.

Now for the good part:   Fill a glass with ice.  Pour coffee in until it is half full.  Add some sweetener (I really like the sugar free Torani Vanilla syrup, but do what you like).  Add some cream.  You can use milk, 1/2 and 1/2, or, if you are feeling particularly naughty (as I usually am when making iced coffee) use heavy whipping cream.  Oh, yes.  Don't worry, the taste of it will make you forget all about calories.  Adjust, adding coffee, cream, or sugar until it tastes right.  Then sit back and guzzle the stuff.  Then make another, because it is just SO damn good.

You may actually find you need to make larger batches of coffee concentrate.  Not such a bad thing.  Just share with your friends, or invite me over for a coffee.

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  1. Toddy Coffee comes with an awesome caraff (spelling??) and the perfect filter for straining cold brewed coffee. It makes a concentrate that lasts about 2 weeks. You can cold brew 1 pound at a time. It's our fav...and you can add hot boiling water in the winter to your 1-2 oz of concentrate for delish, low acid hot coffee.