Thursday, August 18, 2011


And who wouldn't feel powerful after winning this beauty?

We have random game nights at our house, often with a much sought-after extremely lame awesome prize.  So of course, while I was out scouring the interwebs and I came across a picture of someone's homemade trophies, I thought to myself:  I HAVE TO MAKE THAT. 


My friend Katie happened to be in town when the urge became unbearable, so I made her watch me make them let her help. 

Here's how you can make your very own:

  • glue gun
  • shiny gold spray paint (and/or silver or bronze, depending)
  • random assortment of kid toys (those crappy McDonald's toys turned out to be the best)
  • some sort of stand or base - I used upside down decorative planters from the dollar store


Seriously awesome paint.

Gather together all your crap treasures.  I found it useful to raid the toy box in my 4 year old's room, since it is full of toys he never looks at.  I found a couple cool things in the garage, my purse, and the dog's toy box as well.  Get creative.  Everything does indeed look better with gold spray paint.

Try a few combinations out.

NOT successful pairing

Why wouldn't a sly bird with a key ring be riding an elephant?

Play with the creepy monkey keychain with glowing eyes and lazer sound.

Don't lie.  You know you want it.

It's pretty stressful work to come up with the perfect arrangement, so take a break for chips and salsa.


Get brave.  Start actually gluing things together.

Get super indecisive inspired and make two.

Paint that shit gold.

Admire your creations.  Take lots of pictures. 

Then come up with something awesome for your friends to do so they can win these amazing trophies and proudly display them on their mantle. 

Show up unexpectedly at their house to make sure the trophy is indeed prominantly displayed.

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